Welcome my Cattery!

My name is Monika and I have a little home-based cattery of Bengal cats. My small cattery specializes in Brown Spotted kittens with rosettes: BEN 24. My goal is to raise beautiful bengals meeting the breed standards in my home with daily handling to encourage the bengal’s unique personality traits. I wish to place each kitten
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We have kittens!

We have 8 kittens from 2 different mothers. They are only 4 days away from each other. The first litter was born on the 1st of April and the second litter was born on the 5th of April. 1st of April Easter Friday was Zarina’s time to welcome to the world 5 beautiful kittens, 4
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SOLD// BOY Dragonsden Gentleman DOB 28-01-2019

DOB 28/01/2019tricat 2x, rabies 1xMother: Belinda Felis Empire (PKD, HCM, PK-def)Father: Adonis I von der Blies (PKD, HCM, PK-def)FIV, FeLV, FIP testedTICA pedigree

Bengal Female available Brockenmoor AMBER DOB 26-12-2018

DOB 26/12/2018tricat 2x, rabbies 1xMother: Brockenmoor BengelFather: Great International Champion Ossirian Dragon (PKD, HCM, PK-def)FIV, FeLV, FIP tested TICA pedigree Not as Pet

SOLD // Girl available as Pet born 28/01

Dragonsden Giulietta available as Pet Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies Sweet girl and likes to eat a lot. Jumps on my knees all the time and just sits there all happy and cosy. Great character, friendly and mild girl.

SOLD //Boy available for breeding DOB 28 January 2019

Bengal boy available for breeding. DOB: 28/01 Dragonsden Gentleman Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies We are talking about perfection here… Have a look at him!

We have kittens! Boy and girl born 28 January 2019

Two beautiful kittens born 28/01 – a boy and a girl. Busy all day and exceptionally good climbers I must say;) Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies More photos soon.

We have kittens!

On the night of 28 February 3 small kittens were born! One boy and 2 girls. All healthy and spotted. Mother: Belinda Felis Empire, Father: Adonis I von den Blies

Quinny is now Great International Champion!


So proud to announce that my Swedish Forest Around the World aka Quinny is now GIC! You go girl!

Dragonsden Dolce at 11 months old – update!

So lovely to get an update on Dragonsden Dolce born in February 2018 of Belinda Felis Empire and WCH Prince Simba. Take a look on this black spotted (rosetted) tabby BEN 24 with BLUE EYES! Simply A- M- A- Z- I- N- G !   And here is Dolce at 14 days old: Boy 3
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Waiting kittens Belinda and Adonis I

bengal kittens 2 weeks old

Belinda Felis Empire and Adonis I von der Blies   Waiting kittens 27-January-2019           Belinda: Adonis:   Previous kittens Belinda+Adonis:      

GIC Dragon at a show – photos

Ossirian Dragon Gr.Int.Ch. Great International Champion

On the 30th of September 2018 Ossirian Dragon of Dragonsden received his third CAGCI and became a Great International Champion! He received also BIV and BIS nom. Dragon is 4 years old and calm boy. He enjoys walking on the leach in the garden and hunting flies. His offspring is always BEN 24 in color
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Dragonsden Rosie at cattery Bengalistica

Dragonsden Rosie

Meet Rosie! Yes, you know her already… She is born at my cattery as a daughter of Nokia and Dragon. She is all grown up now and waiting kittens of her own. You find Rosie here: https://www.facebook.com/bengalstica Dragonsden Rosie Adult Rosie photos by Ronald de Koning of Bengalistica  

Boy 3 kittens Belinda+Simba DOB 19/01/2018 Dragonsden Dolce

Boy 2 kittens Belinda+Simba DOB 19/01/2018 Dragonsden Drago

Boy 1 kittens Belinda+Simba 19/01/2018 Dragonsden Da Vinci

Boy 4 2 kittens Belinda+Simba DOB 19/01/2018 Duke aka Benji

Girl 1 kittens DOB 2018/01/19 Dragonsden Dolcetta aka Grumpy

girl 1

Girl 1 from Belinda and Simba, DOB 19/01/2016, photos taken at 16 days and 325 grams. She is a cuty! Very good contrast so far.

We have kittens! Belinda+ WCH Simba

We have kittens! Belinda Felis Empire x World Champion Prince Simba of Fushigi-Yuugi DOB 19/01/2018 1 female and 4 male (I might still be wrong, maybe 2 girls) Beautiful black spotted tabby BEN 24 all of them. Nice contrast and big rosettes. Lively and busy already.

Waiting kittens for January 2018 Belinda+Simba :)

We are waiting kittens in January 2018. Mother Belinda Felis Empire of Dragonsden Father World Champion Prince Simba aus dem Sommerviertel

Beautiful photography of Cornelia

Champion Swedish Forest All About Me Nokia

Dragonsden Black Pearl – 3rd cat show, new photos

Pearl front

Pearl, now aged 9 months, attended her third cat show. More relaxed this time, but still rather loud. Being pretty has it perks (BIS nom), but the screaming does not pass unattended.

Swedish Forest All About Me a.k.a. Nokia is a Champion! :)

Bengal cat profile

In November 2017 Nokia received the thirs CAC certificate and is now a Champion. Congrats Nokia 🙂

New photos of Nokia, Quinny and Pearl


Hi, have a look on those three cats. Sure, they don’t appreciate if the photographer is wearing a haloween costume of prince dracula. OH, they are scared! Photos taken on the 29th of October on the Haloween Cat Show.    

Quinny Champion and BIV.

Bengal Champion Dragonsden

Swedish Forest Around the World aka Quinny got her third CAC and become a Champion.   She also won the Best in Variety on todays show.   She is posing lovely to this photo.    

Kittens at the new homes – recent photos

I am receiving updates about the kittens born in february 2017 and march 2017 from their new owners. They are all fine. Those who are pets to be are getting sterilised, those who went to catterys got already their breeding partners. All seems to be well. It is really nice to get uptades and see
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Dragonsden Carpe Diem as Dragonsden Djinn in his new home

Dragonsden Djinn kitten

Djinn left on Tuesday to his new family! ? We are probably going to visit him in the future, as his new home is nearby. So calm and self entertaining, as always. Very sweet kitten. Hope to do some damage sometimes, come on! Be a bengal not a pussy cat  (click för möre phötös) 😉

Dragonsden Butterfly Kiss as Dragonsden ZINA in her new home! :)

Dragonsden Zina bengal kitten

Zina has left Dragonsden and is now in her new home already a week. She had no problems in adjusting to a new place and is said to be hunting day and night. You look happy, Zina!  (click this post för möre phötös) ?

Butterfly Kiss 9 weeks old

Kot bengalski

This happy and cheerful girl became 9 weeks old. She has soft fur and likes to eat and play. Sleeping is the least of her priorities for the moment. Playful girl! Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies Born 20/02/2017

Ossirian Dragon of Dragonsden is a Champion!

cattery bengaal

I am proud to announce that my little Dragon is a Champion now 🙂 He proved that his beauty is recognised in the international cat shows and that he is a great embody of the bengal breed. Congrats Dragon!

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