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Dragonsden Dolce at 11 months old – update!

So lovely to get an update on Dragonsden Dolce born in February 2018 of Belinda Felis Empire and WCH Prince Simba. Take a look on this black spotted (rosetted) tabby BEN 24 with BLUE EYES! Simply A- M- A- Z- I- N- G !   And here is Dolce at 14 days old: Boy 3
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Waiting kittens Belinda and Adonis I

bengal kittens 2 weeks old

Belinda Felis Empire and Adonis I von der Blies   Waiting kittens 27-January-2019           Belinda: Adonis:   Previous kittens Belinda+Adonis:      

Dragonsden Rosie at cattery Bengalistica

Dragonsden Rosie

Meet Rosie! Yes, you know her already… She is born at my cattery as a daughter of Nokia and Dragon. She is all grown up now and waiting kittens of her own. You find Rosie here: https://www.facebook.com/bengalstica Dragonsden Rosie Adult Rosie photos by Ronald de Koning of Bengalistica  

Boy 3 kittens Belinda+Simba DOB 19/01/2018 Dragonsden Dolce

Boy 1 kittens Belinda+Simba 19/01/2018 Dragonsden Da Vinci

Boy 4 2 kittens Belinda+Simba DOB 19/01/2018 Duke aka Benji

Girl 1 kittens DOB 2018/01/19 Dragonsden Dolcetta aka Grumpy

girl 1

Girl 1 from Belinda and Simba, DOB 19/01/2016, photos taken at 16 days and 325 grams. She is a cuty! Very good contrast so far.

We have kittens! Belinda+ WCH Simba

We have kittens! Belinda Felis Empire x World Champion Prince Simba of Fushigi-Yuugi DOB 19/01/2018 1 female and 4 male (I might still be wrong, maybe 2 girls) Beautiful black spotted tabby BEN 24 all of them. Nice contrast and big rosettes. Lively and busy already.

Dragonsden Black Pearl – 3rd cat show, new photos

Pearl front

Pearl, now aged 9 months, attended her third cat show. More relaxed this time, but still rather loud. Being pretty has it perks (BIS nom), but the screaming does not pass unattended.

Butterfly Kiss 9 weeks old

Kot bengalski

This happy and cheerful girl became 9 weeks old. She has soft fur and likes to eat and play. Sleeping is the least of her priorities for the moment. Playful girl! Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies Born 20/02/2017

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