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Quinny is now Great International Champion!


So proud to announce that my Swedish Forest Around the World aka Quinny is now GIC! You go girl!

Dragonsden Dolce at 11 months old – update!

So lovely to get an update on Dragonsden Dolce born in February 2018 of Belinda Felis Empire and WCH Prince Simba. Take a look on this black spotted (rosetted) tabby BEN 24 with BLUE EYES! Simply A- M- A- Z- I- N- G !   And here is Dolce at 14 days old: Boy 3
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Dragonsden Rosie at cattery Bengalistica

Dragonsden Rosie

Meet Rosie! Yes, you know her already… She is born at my cattery as a daughter of Nokia and Dragon. She is all grown up now and waiting kittens of her own. You find Rosie here: https://www.facebook.com/bengalstica Dragonsden Rosie Adult Rosie photos by Ronald de Koning of Bengalistica  

Boy 3 kittens Belinda+Simba DOB 19/01/2018 Dragonsden Dolce

Boy 4 2 kittens Belinda+Simba DOB 19/01/2018 Duke aka Benji

We have kittens! Belinda+ WCH Simba

We have kittens! Belinda Felis Empire x World Champion Prince Simba of Fushigi-Yuugi DOB 19/01/2018 1 female and 4 male (I might still be wrong, maybe 2 girls) Beautiful black spotted tabby BEN 24 all of them. Nice contrast and big rosettes. Lively and busy already.

Swedish Forest All About Me a.k.a. Nokia is a Champion! :)

Bengal cat profile

In November 2017 Nokia received the thirs CAC certificate and is now a Champion. Congrats Nokia 🙂

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