» Welcome my Cattery!

Welcome my Cattery!

My name is Monika and I have a little home-based cattery of Bengal cats.

My small cattery specializes in Brown Spotted kittens with rosettes: BEN 24. My goal is to raise beautiful bengals meeting the breed standards in my home with daily handling to encourage the bengal’s unique personality traits. I wish to place each kitten with a suitable owner who is aware of the unique characteristics of the breed.

bengaalse kittens te koop

About Bengals:

Bengals – this wonderful breed is a cross between the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic cat. Bengals possess an adoring personality, even temperament and behave similar to dogs as they crave attention, need exercise and get lonely without our companionship.

The bengal cat is a distinct, unique breed of domestic cat derived from the ancestral crossing of a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard Cat (Felis Bengalensis). The Bengal is a medium sized cat with striking exotic looks. Careful breeding programs produce friendly, loving Bengal cats that bear a strong physical resemblance to their hybrid ancestors. Bengals may be registered and with several cat associations. After four generations of Bengal-to-Bengal breeding, the Bengal cat is considered fully domestic and is eligible for Championship show competition.

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