» Kittens at the new homes – recent photos

Kittens at the new homes – recent photos

Kittens at the new homes – recent photos

I am receiving updates about the kittens born in february 2017 and march 2017 from their new owners. They are all fine.

Those who are pets to be are getting sterilised, those who went to catterys got already their breeding partners. All seems to be well.

It is really nice to get uptades and see how they grow up. Soon going to visit Rosie:) I am very impressed to see Djinn look exactly like his father Dragon. Stunning cat!

I don’t know if new owners going to show with Djinn, but just look at him! Pure evil in the eye, wonderfull pattern.

Zina is probably still crazy, as she was. The neighbour girl who came often to see the kittens said from the beginning that Zina is crazy. Well, another 6 months then she will get lazy like all of them. Hopefully!

I am waiting update with photo from Charlie. But I know that now is a busy time for his new owner, so I stay patient.

Djinn is chilling on the sofa. & months old soon.

Djinn Dragonsden 6 months old.

Zina is already 6 months old. This is how she looks like now:

Zina 6 months old.

And little Rosie, here about 4 months old.

Rosie Dragonsden about 4 months old.

https://www.facebook.com/bengalstica <—- here more photos and very funny short films of Rosie at a friend’s cattery.

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