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SOLD // Girl available as Pet born 28/01

Dragonsden Giulietta available as Pet Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies Sweet girl and likes to eat a lot. Jumps on my knees all the time and just sits there all happy and cosy. Great character, friendly and mild girl.

Boy available for breeding DOB 28 January 2019

Bengal boy available for breeding. DOB: 28/01 Dragonsden Gentleman Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies We are talking about perfection here… Have a look at him!

Swedish Forest All About Me a.k.a. Nokia is a Champion! :)

Bengal cat profile

In November 2017 Nokia received the thirs CAC certificate and is now a Champion. Congrats Nokia 🙂

Bengal cat on a walk – Belinda Felis Empire

It is not easy to just go for a walk with a cat, bengals included. They don’t follow you walking. They stay in one spot and look. They don’t get the point of walking at all… It takes a few times but it is possible to take a cat for a walk. You only need
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Bengal cattery

The girls are chilling on the window sills. Belinda and Quinny enjoy this warm day to sleep in the sun. It’s hot! I can just simply say that my cats are awfully lazy… if not the high temperature, they might even jump around, but in this warmth they just lay. I open the curtain a
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Dello photo session


Great results for Dello on the shows!

Welcome my Cattery!

My name is Monika and I have a little home-based cattery of Bengal cats. My small cattery specializes in Brown Spotted kittens with rosettes: BEN 24. My goal is to raise beautiful bengals meeting the breed standards in my home with daily handling to encourage the bengal’s unique personality traits. I wish to place each kitten
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