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SOLD // Girl available as Pet born 28/01

Dragonsden Giulietta available as Pet Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies Sweet girl and likes to eat a lot. Jumps on my knees all the time and just sits there all happy and cosy. Great character, friendly and mild girl.

SOLD //Boy available for breeding DOB 28 January 2019

Bengal boy available for breeding. DOB: 28/01 Dragonsden Gentleman Mother: Belinda Felis Empire Father: Adonis I von der Blies We are talking about perfection here… Have a look at him!

Swedish Forest All About Me a.k.a. Nokia is a Champion! :)

Bengal cat profile

In November 2017 Nokia received the thirs CAC certificate and is now a Champion. Congrats Nokia 🙂

Bengal cat on a walk – Belinda Felis Empire

It is not easy to just go for a walk with a cat, bengals included. They don’t follow you walking. They stay in one spot and look. They don’t get the point of walking at all… It takes a few times but it is possible to take a cat for a walk. You only need
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Bengal cattery

The girls are chilling on the window sills. Belinda and Quinny enjoy this warm day to sleep in the sun. It’s hot! I can just simply say that my cats are awfully lazy… if not the high temperature, they might even jump around, but in this warmth they just lay. I open the curtain a
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Dello photo session


Great results for Dello on the shows!

Welcome my Cattery!

My name is Monika and I have a little home-based cattery of Bengal cats. My small cattery specializes in Brown Spotted kittens with rosettes: BEN 24. My goal is to raise beautiful bengals meeting the breed standards in my home with daily handling to encourage the bengal’s unique personality traits. I wish to place each kitten
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