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Dragonsden Butterfly Kiss and Black Pearl are 30 days old

Dragonsden Black Pearl one month old

The girls are growing really fast. They already want to explore, but Belinda keeps them in the tent for the moment. She might be a total control freak, I think… Let’s see how long she can keep that discipline! Both Butterfly Kiss and Black Pearl developed really nice 3 colour rosettes. Check the pictures to
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Nokia+Dragon kittens one week old – photos

bengaalse kittens

Here is a first impression of the 3 kittens born on the 7th of March 2017. Nokia is a very good mother, she takes care of the kittens well. But… she does not let me take them for a photosession. Here is only a quick 3-shoot. In the middle is the girl kitten, the ones
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Waiting kittens! SE*Swedish Forest All About Me and Ossirian Dragon of Dragonsden

Bengal kittens

We are waiting kittens from our lovely Nokia and Dragon. The kittens are expected on Sunday the 5th of March. It will be Nokia first nest. Nokia is 2,5 years old. SE*Swedish Forest of Dragonsden aka Nokia and Ossirian Dragon of Dragonsden The kittens are expected to be show/breed quality. Breeders are given precedence before
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Kittens photos Belinda Felis Empire & Adonis I von der Blies born 20/02/2017


The kittens are 11 days old. They are så sweet! One kitten is a bit more dark, one is more light. I don’t know if they are boys or girls yet. One kitten weigs 210 grams and the lighter one 218 grams. Belinda is taking good care of them. They eat and sleep only for
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We have kittens! Two kittens born 20-02-2017

Bengaalse kitten Elst

We have 2 cute kittens from Belinda. They are one week old now. They were born the 20 of February 2017!

Bengal cat on a walk – Belinda Felis Empire

It is not easy to just go for a walk with a cat, bengals included. They don’t follow you walking. They stay in one spot and look. They don’t get the point of walking at all… It takes a few times but it is possible to take a cat for a walk. You only need
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Planned litters /nests end of 2016

Belinda & Adonis (waiting mid-October) Nokia & Dragon Quinny & Dragon

We are waiting kittens! Belinda & Adonis I, kittens waited mid-february 2017

bengaalse kat nestje

Belinda Felis Empire  Adonis I von der Blies We are happy to announce that our wonderful queen Belinda is waiting kittens. After a visit in Germany and a couple-days stay with Adonis I, we are waiting a nest! Kittens are waited to be born in mid-February.  You are welcomed to contact me if you want
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Bengal cattery

The girls are chilling on the window sills. Belinda and Quinny enjoy this warm day to sleep in the sun. It’s hot! I can just simply say that my cats are awfully lazy… if not the high temperature, they might even jump around, but in this warmth they just lay. I open the curtain a
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Daily life with the bengals

The live with cats is normal – or maybe I just got used to it. They are such a unpredictable creatures, sometimes making a big fuzz about a small spider, and other times ignoring a mosquito invasion and simply going to sleep. They like to play with feathers and chase each others. Interested in plants
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December in my cattery

Cattery swedish forest

Cats “helping” to decorate the Christmas tree. Yes, December is definitely a period that a lot of new toys is brought into the living room. This year we opted for the plastic decorations, they are both: cat and child safe. Better safe than sorry. Belinda helped with the decorations from the very beginning. I don’t know
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Dello photo session


Great results for Dello on the shows!

Welcome my Cattery!

My name is Monika and I have a little home-based cattery of Bengal cats. My small cattery specializes in Brown Spotted kittens with rosettes: BEN 24. My goal is to raise beautiful bengals meeting the breed standards in my home with daily handling to encourage the bengal’s unique personality traits. I wish to place each kitten
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