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Bengal cat on a walk – Belinda Felis Empire

It is not easy to just go for a walk with a cat, bengals included. They don’t follow you walking. They stay in one spot and look. They don’t get the point of walking at all… It takes a few times but it is possible to take a cat for a walk. You only need
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Planned litters /nests end of 2016

Belinda & Adonis (waiting mid-October) Nokia & Dragon Quinny & Dragon

We are waiting kittens! Belinda & Adonis I, kittens waited mid-february 2017

bengaalse kat nestje

Belinda Felis Empire  Adonis I von der Blies We are happy to announce that our wonderful queen Belinda is waiting kittens. After a visit in Germany and a couple-days stay with Adonis I, we are waiting a nest! Kittens are waited to be born in mid-February.  You are welcomed to contact me if you want
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